Why should I learn about asteroids?

(Motivation behind Asteroid Analytics)

Asteroid impact threats are the only natural disaster that we can prevent.  Private corporations and government agencies are developing the technology today to deflect asteroids and even use them as resources.

Space offers humanity the opportunity to really become unlimited.  Obviously we have to take care of our Earth, the solar system, and all the resources that we have...and use them wisely.  BUT there's enough stuff (and the right kind of stuff) out there that we could really, REALLY, REALLY grow.  Humanity doesn't gain anything by shrinking.  We gain by getting smarter and continuing to grow.  That is something we do quite well, and the frontier of space has the added bonus of not having to take it from anybody.

The greatest asset that we gain from expanding out into the solar system is the opportunity for human ingenuity...the human resource.  It gives us the opportunity for more awesomeness...for art, for culture, for love, for innovation.  This is why I personally believe that learning about asteroids is one of most important things that we can do to ensure that the future is amazing.


Asteroid Day Series

What would it take to deflect an asteroid on a collision course with Earth?

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