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David Rich

David is a geologist by academic training and petroleum exploration data manager by profession. He wants to enable humanity's expansion into the Solar System and share what he learns along the way.

Hoston, TX
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Asteroid Mining: Getting the first mission off the ground

A fully-contained near-Earth asteroid retrieved to cislunar space can be used as a Research and Development destination for resource extraction and engineering tests as space-native material, unaltered by a radical change in environment, in industrial quantity, and in an accessible orbit.

Asteroid mining is (not) dead.

"The space mining bubble has burst" Behind this quasi-sensationalist headline is well-informed reporting of the fact that the two trailblazer companies of asteroid mining, Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries, are "gone".  Planetary

2017 OM1

Summary Small asteroids are faint and hard to detect.  Many times they are not spotted until they approach Earth's orbit very closely.  A newly discovered asteroid named 2017 OM1 is a good example