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David Rich

David is a geologist by academic training and petroleum exploration data manager by profession. Passionate about space exploration, he wants to provide resources for anyone wishing to learn more.

Hoston, TX
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Asteroid mining is (not) dead.

"The space mining bubble has burst"Behind this quasi-sensationalist headline is well-informed reporting of the fact that the two trailblazer companies of asteroid mining, Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries, are "gone".  Planetary

2017 OM1

SummarySmall asteroids are faint and hard to detect.  Many times they are not spotted until they approach Earth's orbit very closely.  A newly discovered asteroid named 2017 OM1 is a good example of

2018 LA

Summary2018 LA was a small asteroid, somewhere between 2-3 meters in diameter.  It was first seen in space just 8 hours before impacting the Earth on 2 June 2018.  This is significant because

Yuri's Night

On Yuri's Night, we celebrate exploration and togetherness. However, we are just in the infancy of human spaceflight. If our future is to be among the stars, we need to be mindful the cost of turning back too soon.

362P/2008 GO98

SummaryThe distinctions between a comet and an asteroid are quite a bit less clear than many of us were taught in middle school.  There's a peculiar object named 362P/2008 GO98 that's being